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House Rules

  • No fireworks

  • No parties that include 15+ people (this would then be considered separate fee for being a special event).  PLEASE CONTACT US DIRECTLY FOR EVENT FEES/DETAILS!

  • Must be 21 yrs old to rent

No Smoking/Vaping/Dipping ANYWHERE Inside the House or Screened In Porch Area

Smoking sections are provided around the property and pool. Ashtrays and lidded garbage cans are abundant and easily accessible. An additional cleaning fee will apply if discarded cigarette butts or any kind of trash is found on the property grounds or by the river.

No Glass

Glass is prohibited everywhere except inside the house. Please understand we offer a relaxed, barefoot-friendly environment and broken glass can seriously hurt someone. BPA free plastic drinking glasses, pitchers and dishes are provided for your use outdoors & by the pool.

No Pets

We do not allow any pets of any kind. "Pets" are defined as emotional support or companion animals. Registered Service Dogs are welcome.

Clean Up

With 4+ acres of land on the San Antonio River, we must be careful to protect the beautiful river and ecosystem surrounding it. Do not throw trash of any kind (including cigarettes and food waste) on the property grounds or in the river. 

Only paper confetti is allowed on property. No plastic, foil or other non-biodegradable type of confetti or "scatters" allowed. 


Plenty of lidded trash cans are provided for convenience around the property. An additional fee will be charged for clean up of scattered trash including cigarettes. Litter is ugly and discarded food attracts wild animals.

Water Hazards

The Goliad River House has an in-ground pool, river frontage, seasonal creeks and water wells. As such, you must assume all responsibility and care for watching, guiding and protecting your children and group to avoid injury or death due to drowning, insect/environmental allergens, falls etc. If anyone in your group, especially children, is not a trained, strong, independent swimmer, please deter them away from the water and/or provide them with a Coast-Guard approved life-vest to be worn at all times around all bodies of water. 

No Diving Permitted: Pool or River

There are NO LIFE GUARDS on duty at any time. 


Do not throw rocks/bricks/other debris into the pool. "Non-pool style" toys and other objects (metal toys, cars, dolls/ponies/etc. with hair) are not permitted in the pool. Chairs/pop-up canopies/other furniture that could cause damage are not allowed in the pool.

No Parking in the Grass

Vehicles parked anywhere in the grass can cause damages to the grounds and irrigation pipes. Guests will be charged for any necessary professional repairs.

Do Not Enter Private/Employee Only Areas

This includes pool pump room, pool chemical areas, any fenced off/locked/gated areas.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

YOU are responsible for your and your group's health and safety. Staff & ownership shall be held harmless and without any liability for injury or illness. 


There are snakes, spiders (some venomous), bees, wasps, hornets and other stinging insects, wild animals such as deer, raccoons, opossums, mice/rodents, ring-tailed cats, feral cats, & many others that pass though or live on and around River House property. Please understand that you are in their natural environment, not the other way around. 

We hire licensed professionals to remove known & reported hazards and animals but no amount of diligence and care will ever eliminate all risk that you or your children/group may come into contact with a creature.


NEVER ATTEMPT TO FEED, PET, CALL, ENTICE, CHASE, TRAP, DETAIN, KILL, HURT OR HUNT ANY ANIMAL FOR ANY REASON. Call 911 and/or your host right away if any animal is problematic.

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